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Michael Rumpf This website provides information about my working experience, especially about the software projects I've been involved with since I started with computers back in 1982.

The list below provides an overview on my experience in the area of software engineering. For more details and certificates please request an account to the restricted application area.

My fascination for computers started in 1982 with a Sinclair ZX-81. After using several home computers like the TI-99 4/A and the VIC-20, I wrote my first BASIC program on a C64 in 1985. I learned 8-Bit Assembler on the C128 and later M68000 Assembler and C on the Commodore Amiga, until I finally turned away from home computers to writing software in Turbo Pascal on the PC/MS-DOS platform. From that point on I worked on many different Windows and UNIX platforms, using C/C++ until I turned to Java as my main programming language around the year 2000.

My diploma thesis in 1998 initiated a strong interest in distributed systems. This was a big asset during my engagement with Brokat/Encorus/First Data, where I had the chance to work at the heart of the Brokat Java Enterprise Edition application server Twister, which was used by many banks to build their online banking solution.

Since the late nineties I did different contributions to various open-source and free software projects.





Cloud NativeKubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Istio, Jäger/OpenTracing, Ambassador, Fluentd, Docker, Helm, Eureka, Zuul, HAProxy, Nginx, Buildpacks, OpenServiceBroker
CloudsIBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, Open Telekom Cloud (OTC)
LanguagesJava, Kotlin, C/C++, XML, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, SQL, Microsoft VisualBasic (VBA), Bash, Perl, Python/Jython, Pascal, 6502/68000 Assembler
Debuggergdb, ccc, Eclipse
Compilerjavac, gcc, Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, Sun C++, IBM C++, HP Cxx
Continuous Integration ToolsGitLab, Concourse CI, Hudson/Jenkins, CruiseControl, CruiseControl .NET
MonitoringDynatrace, AppDynamics, Elasticsearch/Kibana, Prometheus
Web-TechnologiesREST, JSP, Servlets, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML/XHTML, JSTL, Java WebStart
Web-FrameworksAngular, JSF (Myfaces, ICEfaces), Struts, Wicket, Quasar (Daimler internal)
Web-ServicesREST, SOAP, Axis (+Castor)
Server-FrameworksSpring Boot/Cloud, JEE, Pro Active Infrastructure (PAI, Daimler internal)
CORBA-ImplementationsOpenORB, Sun ORB, VissBroker, ORBix, ORBix COMet, ORBit, TAO
Reporting ToolsCrystal Reports, Jasper Reports, ADF Reporting (Aspose-Slides, -Words, -Cells, and -Pdf)
MessagingRabbitMQ (AMQP), ActiveMQ (JMS), IBM WebSphere MQ
Microsoft TechnologiesActiveX, COM, DDE
XML-TechnologiesXML, XSL, JaxB, Castor, XPath
OR-MapperHibernate, JPA
Rich Client FrameworksEclipse Rich Client Platform, Swing, Microsoft Foundation Classes, Borland OWL, Turbo-Vision, XWindows
Application-ServerUndertow, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, JBoss, Twister Application Server, Caucho Resin
Issue TrackingGitLab, GitHub, JIRA, Bugzilla, Trac, Google Code Hosting, Sourceforge
Test-ToolsJUnit, JUnitPerf, JMeter, Selenium
Build-ToolsGradle, Maven, Ant, make, msbuild
Code-AnaylsisSonarQube, jQAssistant, Checkstyle, Findbugs, PMD, JCoderz Report, JDepend
IDEIntellijIDEA, Eclipse, IBM WSAD/RAD, Microsoft Visual Studio. Microsoft Visual Basic, Netbeans, Borland C++, Turbo Pascal
VCSGit, Subversion, CVS, Microsoft Team-Foundation Server, Clearcase
DBMSPostgreSQL, MySQL, HSQL-DB, JavaDB/Derby, Oracle, MS-SQL, Microsoft Access
Modelling-ToolsPlantUML, Visual Paradigm, Enterprise Architect, StarUML, Visio
MethodologiesDomain-Driven Design (DDD), OOA / OOD / OOP, XP, Agile, MDA/MDSD
WikisGitLab, GitHub, Confluence, MediaWiki, Plone, TikiWiki
DiagramsUML, ER, Flow
DomainsAutomotive, Software, Finance, Telecom
ApplicationsAsciidoc, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice