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Several fun programs written in 68000 Assembler on the Commodore AMIGA. The purpose of those applications was just to explore the AMIGA hardware architecture.

The programs below have been tested on the Amiga Emulator UAE version 0.6.9 R12.


The small test application below moves five sprites and draws some lines with help from the processor, that means no Amiga custom chips are involved in this test.

Five hopping sprites


The left screenshot shows my first working vector graphics algorithm.

The right screenshot shows a little demo application in which I combined the Copper custom chip, a three-layered star scrolling, and the previously mentioned vector graphics algorithm.

vector  vector2

vector.tar.bz2 (38kB)


In the next screenshot you can see my first fully working Amiga demo applicatin with three moving bars (Copper), a star layer scrolling (Processor), a scrolling text line (Blitter), together with sound.

The first Amiga Demo

demo.tar.bz2 (68kB)

MegaDemo II

Here you can see a part of a so called Mega-Demo. Unfortunately the other members of our small computer club were not so enthusiastic about writing a mega-demo and so my part was the only part that has ever been finished ;)

The demo contains the usual star scrolling, two rotating color lines (Copper), a scroll line (Blitter), a rotating logo (Blitter), four sprites flying around, together with sound.

MegaDemo II

megademo2.tar.bz2 (190kB)


This was my first attempt to write a game on the Amiga. The bottom stripes are moving and thus creating the impression that the airplane is flying over the plane.


game.tar.bz2 (35kB)


This program should be used for encrypting floppy disks in order to make their contents accessible by password only.

The GUI is non-standard, which means that no AmigaOS GUI libraries are used. Loading directories is implemented, the GUI fully operational, but the actual encryption algorithms had never been finalized.


coder.tar.bz2 (60kB)

Seek & Destroy (S&D)

This game is a classical fly-n-shoot game. Unfortunately the version I found on the Amiga disks is broken so that the actual game could not be started anymore, only the menus shown here are still working.

Steering the helicopter over a landscape was already working, as well as firing rockets, but the full game was never finalized.

sad1  sad3  sad6

sad7  sad8  sad2

sad3  sad4  sad9

seekndestroy.tar.bz2 (378kB, ADF)

TypePersonal Projects
EnvironmentAMIGA OS, SEKA 68000 Assembler 3.2, Deluxe Paint 4