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This software provides a set of scripts for the automatic generation of DBox2 Neutrino channel lists as a work-around for an automatic transponder scan which does not work on all DBox2 boxes.

Automatic Zapit Sattellite (AZS) is a small collection of scripts to extract the Astra digital TV and digital radio channel lists from internet sources and to create the files services.xml and bouquets.xml that are used by the Linux operating system on the digital satellite receiver DBox2.

Current yadi Neutrino versions come with rather sophisticated channel scanning software. Unfortunately this is not working with my DBox2. Most probably the signal quality of my DBox2 is not good enough because trees might be blocking the view. This problem manifests in the fact that an automatic channel scan detects only a small amount of channels, but when creating a channel list from Internet sources all channels are displayed without problems.

The current AZS version gets the channel list from Lyngsat, which provides a really broken HTML page with all the digital TV and radio channels. The script cleans up the page using HTML tidy and strips it down by using a XSL stylesheet. The result is a relatively clean and simple HTML page and is used to create the services.xml file, which contains the channel to Satellite transponder assignment. In the next stage this file serves as the source for the bouquet.xml file, a channel to bouquet assignment. This AZS version uses a file called mybouquets.xml which contains a hint for the scripts which channels go into which bouquets. The final step is the automatic upload of the files to the DBox2 via FTP by using the except tool.

In the current version it is necessary to manually create the mybouquets.xml. This file is actually a services.xml file with a different bouquet assignment. When running AZS for the first time the script must be executed and the generated services.xml file must then copied to the file mybouquets.xml. The user needs to adapt his bouquet assignments so that the final services.xml can be generated on the fly when running the scripts for the second time.

cp services.xml mybouquets.xml
# Edit the mybouquets.xml and adapt the channel to bouqets assignment

When executing the script subsequently, the adapted mybouquets.xml is used to rearrange the services.xml and finally upload the generated files on to the DBox2.

./ <HOST>
TypePersonal Project
EnvironmentLinux, XSL, Bash, HTML Tidy, expect
Linkazs-0.2.tar.bz2 (21kB)