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The Commodore 64 projects on this page have been created for teaching myself the BASIC programming language and 6502 Assembler.

The files on this page have been transferred to the PC and converted into the "Virtual Disk" format (.d64) with Trans64 and a X1541 cable to connect the C64 floppy drive to a PC.

Basic Arithmetic

This program was used as a simple calculator and as training application for simple arithmetical calculations.

Grundrechenarten 1   Grundrechenarten 2   Grundrechenarten 3   Grundrechenarten 4   Grundrechenarten 5   Grundrechenarten 6   Grundrechenarten 7

In the training mode you can limit the number of questions and/or the maximum numbers used. For statistical reasons the user response time is measured.

Disk "M.RUMPF (Side 1+2)"

Vocabulary Trainer

This program has been developed to guide me in training my english vocabulary. Relative access (REL) file databases of the six english school books, used in classes five to ten, have been created so that the whole vocabulary from class five to ten could be trained.

Unfortunately I don't have screenshots as the C64 Emulator could not execute the program correctly, although it was working on the original C64.

Disks VocabularyTrainer Book 1+2, Book 3+4, Book 5+6

C128 Assembler

I did my first steps in Assembler on the C128 using the EDASS-Assembler.

Disk EDASS + Source

TypePersonal Projects
EnvironmentC64 Basic, C128 EDASS Assembler