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An evaluation prototype testing CORBA access from VisualBasic applications.

The goal of this prototype was to evaluate a commercial available COM2CORBA bridge whether it is suitable to access CORBA objects from a Microsoft COM application.

The prototype has been developed with an evaluation version of Orbix 2.3 for Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and the IONA Orbix COMet COM2CORBA bridge.

COM2CORBA prototype archicteture
COM2CORBA prototype archicteture

The server component runs under Solaris 5 and provides access to a Fulcrum Search Server, which is a SGML indexing engine. The client is a VisualBasic search application, running under Windows NT.

A search term is transparently mapped from COM into a CORBA request by the COM2CORBA bridge and send via IIOP to the CORBA server component. The component performs a search for the keyword with the Fulcrum Search Server before it returns the result list back to the VisualBasic client. The client finally displays the search results in a list to the user.

This prototype is a demonstration about how smoothly CORBA objects can be accessed via COM interfaces.

TypeInternship, Evaluation Project
EnvironmentWindows 9x/NT4, Sun Solaris 5, Orbix COMet, SUN C++ 4.2, Visual Basic 5.0