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An application for mobile phone based money transfers.

The Person to Person paYment (PPY) prototype has been developed in just a week as a show-case for how a traditional money transfer system could be extended by a mobile phone channel, utilizing SMS for sending money orders.

PPY Transaction List
PPY Transaction List

My task was to create the web channel for the PPY prototype. XHTML and CSS, together with Java Server Pages (JSP) and the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) was chosen to develop the page templates. The page flow of the prototype has been kept as simple as possible. The prototype's intention, besides showing the functionality to an end-user, was to gather experience in the area of graphical user-interfaces, as our focus in the past has been server side software only with no or just a little need for graphical user-interfaces.

TypeSenior Software Architect at First Data Mobile Solutions
EnvironmentLinux, AIX, Eclipse, BEA Weblogic 8.1, XHTML, CSS, JSP, JSTL