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Since 1985 I have been working on the following software development projects (1):

IBM since 2018 Working as a cloud application innovation architect for the Daimler Vehicle Backend (DaiVB).
T-Systems 2010-2018 Working as the technical lead architect for the Daimler Vehicle Backend (DaiVB) and establishing a shared service, called the Software Build Service (SBS), a CI/CD platform for internal projects.
Achievo 2006-2010 The Achievo Development Framework (ADF) and two large J2EE 1.4 projects TACO and DFM
Automatic Zapit Satellite 2005-2006 Automatic generation of TV channel lists for Linux on the DBox2
smpppd-web 2005 Extension of a web interface for the SuSE Meta PPP Daemon
Micro AGGregation Engine 2005 J2EE prototype application for micro payment aggregations
Person 2 Person Payment 2005 J2EE prototype application for SMS person-to-person payments
Clearing and Settlement System 2004-2005 J2EE based system for clearing and settlement of financial transactions
Twister 2000-2004 The Brokat/Encorus J2EE application server
CORBA TimeService 2000 A CORBA TimeService implementation in C
ORBit-Resource 2000 A central repository of ORBit project resources
CORBA 2.2 Validator 2000 An IDL compiler compliance test suite
Inventory Management 1.0 1999 Inventory management prototype as successor of the Autotexts project
Autotexts 1.0 1999 Maintenance application for a large set of Microsoft Word Autotexts
PCon 3.5 1999 Extension of the productivity-controlling software by a DCOM Locking-Server for concurrent user access
KnowledgeNow 2 1999 An application for searching mutliple document types in heterogeneous backend environments
CORBA/CGI Bridge 1998 A CORBA prototype application as a substitute for a CGI program
COM2CORBA 1998 Prototype application for the evaluation of a COM2CORBA bridge
Publish C/S 1.0 1998 A DCOM/ActiveX application for remote content distribution
WebCam 1.0 1998 A patchwork web camera
Seminar: Approaches for the integration of distributed computation into the WWW 1998 A presentation I gave at university
Homepage 1997 My former home pages
MRComputer 1.0 1997 Order management for a small computer selling business
PathEditor 1.0 1996 A graphical user-interface for defining pathways of a small vehicle
PCon 3.0 1995-1997 Port of the productivity-controlling application to the Microsoft Foundation Classes
PCon 1.2 1993-1995 A productivity-controlling application for manufacturing businesses
DOS International 1993 An article for the computer magazine 'DOS International' about C++ templates
Allowance 1.0-5.2 1991-1993 Allowance calculation on construction sites
Energy Cost Calculation 1.0 1991 Comparing energy costs of electric generators and electricity suppliers
Fax 1.0 1990-1991 A fax template wrapper for a DOS fax application
Offer 1.0 1990-1991 Offer management for electric generators
Amiga 1986-1990 Demos and some game tests for the Commodore AMIGA
C64/128 1985 Several BASIC applications for the Commodore 64/128

(1): Unless otherwise stated, the software on this site is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall I be held liable for any damages arising from the use of the software.